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Why is a business card important?
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30 Second Elevator Speech / USP: (From Day 4) 

Google / Social Media: (From Day 2

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Printed materials: (From Day 5)

Writing: (From Day 5 & Day 7)

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Promote your Brand
reCharge Your Marketing:
Empowering Through Creative Marketing Mastery

Doing all things graphics since 1996, Including printing, web, marketing, signs, and ad specialties.
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Other Workshops Available:

Printing Prepress Workshop:

Learn what a printer needs for high quality printing results. Whether a business card, letterhead, envelope, or magazine, what steps can be taken prior to sending the file over to the print company? The following topics will help insure your design starts correctly to it prints correctly:

Adam has worked in graphic design and marketing since 1996. He has experience in bindery, prepress, offset and screen printing, vehicle graphics, vinyl lettering, signage, banners, billboards, websites, digital workflow and Adobe Software.

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