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Share your D.I.A.L.O.G.U.E.
Disarm & Charm:
Talk to Strangers
without Fear

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Remove your fear of talking
to strangers through

Book coming Q4 2024
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Promote your Brand
reCharge Your Marketing:
Empowering Through Creative Marketing Mastery

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Doing all things graphics since 1996, Including printing, web, marketing, signs, and ad specialties.
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Calm your Chaos
From Crisis to Calm:
Mastering De-escalation
with Law Enforcement Insight

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School Resource Officer for 10 years, multiple topics available for staff, SRO's and private business.
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Improve your Message
Speak, Teach or Lead:
Remove the fear,
master the stage

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Learn public speaking foundations to give you confidence, improve job performance, and spread your message!
One-on-One or large group presentations available.
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Adam can present on a wide range of topics at your next
conference, corporate event or trade association meeting. 

"I have heard Adam Gongwer speak on several occasions and found his presentations to be thought provoking, informative and well structured. He engages his audience and keeps his presentation on point." Mike McCaskey (Ohio School Resource Officers Association)

Past & Current Clients include:

"I have had the pleasure to hear Adam speak in several different settings and environments.   Adam is a dynamic,  articulate well spoken motivated speaker.   He is a pleasure to listen to and is extremely engaging with well thought out comments when exchanging conversation.  I highly recommend Adam for his ability to inform and engage his audience's when speaking." Brad Copeland (OPOTA Police Academy Commander)

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Why Adam?  Marketing Consultant • Hostage Negotiator • Preacher • REALTOR® • CouncilmanAuthor

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