Communication Keynotes & Workshops


7 Step process that helps remove fear when talking to strangers. Filled with examples from networking events and driving for rideshare companies. 

Learn D.I.A.L.O.G.U.E. techniques for quick rapport.

For anyone who wants to communicate better, with people they haven't met, in just 7 minutes.

7DM Breakout Sessions & Workshops

Implement Branding & Marketing strategies over a 7 day period. 

For sales agents, business owners, & anyone rebranding to a new office.

Learn 7 crisis management skills. 

For educators, school administrators, police, parole officers, prison guards and negotiators.

Remove the fear from public speaking. Learn 7 strategies to make getting on stage and in front of a crowd easier. 

For anyone who does presentations to small or large crowds.

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